Hey I would like to request some Leisure Suit larry model files FBX. or OBJ.

Hey FPers Can someone send me the link of a good pc game ripper? ooh, and a moddeling studio? the links please :slight_smile: because i am going to rip Leisure Suit Larry Models :slight_smile:
all i’m asking is can i have LSL OBJ Or FBX files?

3D Ripper DX (google it) is your best bet for ripping something you’ve given absolutely no information about. Also if by modelling studio you mean Blender or 3Dmax search them yourself there quite easy to find, if your too lazy to bother even doing that heres a list of all the ones i know of:

XSI Mod Tool
Milkshape 3D
(there’ll be more but I can’t think of them off hand).

cheers mate ^^ sory bout not giving any info ':slight_smile:


now can someone supply me with a pack of LSL Box office Bust Models? i can change 'em into 3DS myself my one wont rip ¬¬