"Hey, I'd drop that if I were you." - Inspector Badass points his gun at a goon.

Tried some in-game editing, and it turned out okay. Blurred the grainy shadows and added very slight color correction in GIMP, rest is in-game.


Of course it’s a scenebuild.


Camera angle could show more of the guy in the back, but this is wonderful. Good job, Joazzz-y.

Your scenebuilds are always amazing. I like it.

Not bad. Cool lighting. It’s odd how everything is shifted over to one side of the image though and how one of the characters is quite cut off.

That was intentional.

And that wasn’t. I tried to think of something I could add to the right side of the picture though. In the end I couldn’t think of anything, so I just had to leave it empty.

“Go ahead, make my day.”

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And this picture made part of my day.

Exactly what I had in mind even though I haven’t seen the films.

I’m not sure I understand why though. When I state an error in my eyes, I’m not always assuming that the error was a mistake.

Eh, uh, okay. Sorry.

The lighting on Detective Badass is amazing.