"Hey Jack, I don't think that ruskie armored division is going to meet us."

You might want to read for some story development.


**with all the post processing :**http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14329594/they%20didn't%20make%20it.jpg
**HOW IT LOOKED WAY BEFORE ANYTHING:**http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14329594/gm_pandora0000.jpg

fugly grey highlights errwhere up in this bitch

I do not see any grey highlight, I find it color ful and good.

Unhelpful swedishman errwhere up in this bitch

His eyes are unfitting.

You’d be scared shitless if you saw an entire armor division plus a couple ALFA operators dead.

I feel like they are all posed with the derp format.

I don’t get what you’re getting at.


us military m16/m4 operator rule #1 - NEVER HOLD THE GUN BY CARRYING HANDLE

The way they are all standing, it looks wonky, like, their heads and all… and it just looks wrong.

Which kinda gets rid of the point of a carrying handle.

This made my day.

Yeah, but no one ever gives a shit. I see pictures dating back to 'nam with guys holding guns by the carry handle loaded.

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Can I get a critique on this?

Most US troops in Vietnam were terribly trained conscripts who gave not a fuck, as opposed to properly-trained modern-day USMC troops, just sayin’

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The colours are nice but the lighting (and much of the shading) is grey and the shading is flat as hell on the nearest guys. The foreground also looks pasted on (even if it wasn’t, the way you’ve edited it makes it look like it is.)

Carrying handle=something what you carry something else by, e.g. carrying handle on a toolbox, or carrying handles on M16-type weapons and M4-type weapons

Except properly-trained soldiers don’t carry an M16 by the inbuilt handle the same way we don’t carry Steyrs by their optics, even though they were designed to double as a carry handle.

Some people don’t actually give a fuck.

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I mean seriously
The guy could of used any number of sights but he kept the carry handle sights.
why? maybe he likes holding it?

Jumping in on the whole carry handle bandwagon, taking in what rossmum, W0w00t and others said and taking in what Back_Slash and others said, I agree with rossmum and W0w00t but also it is a picture not based on real military training standards and what not and is a piece of fiction of some guys finding a nasty sight and getting slightly worried about what’s gonna happen to themselfs I wouldn’t worry to much about the handle.

I might continue if anybody wishes me to.