"Hey...look! Jen, look. It's that guy in the blue suit. I swear, it's him!"


I really need C&C.


lol funny avatar, I like it. Now that’s good c&c right?

The look on her face is priceless … I can almost hear her inner-voice:

“Ah s#!t … here we go again”

simple pose but still decent and i like the pattern of colours … cold and dark.

Excuse me while I retrieve my firepoker.

I have little patience for trolls-oh, thank you. It IS an interesting avatar, is it not?

Thats great, very nice

Why thank you, kind sir.

I was worried my thread would be completely ignored…

Good old HL2 poses, I never get tired of em

But honestly it’s a bit too dark, I would not have recognized G-man if you didn’t tell me

Simple, but I like it. It’s definitely a nice break from “lul badass soljurz n xpluzzions war lul cool” pictures, of which we’ve been getting too many.

Pretty good. I’m not a posing expert, but on my side, I can’t see any wrong except that it’s a bit too grainy.

Not recognizing G-man is a hard feat to accomplish, for me atleast, hl2 always will be my favorite game
…Screw alyx though…

No problem :smiley:

Screw her all night long.

The grain effect is intentional.

I think he’s saying there’s too much of it, whether it was intentional or not.

Hm. That’s the problem with GIMP. The full view showed a desceptively small amount of grain, but when you have it big and zoomed in you can see it.


FYI: I’m Sir Muffin. My main locked itself for some reason.

Welcome back, Muffin.

I think I Remember the name Sir Muffin, But I’m unsure…
Off and on I’ve been going to these forums for a long time, so anywho! Welcome back!


Hopefully that troll Trotsky won’t come stalk me here…at least you guys aren’t pissed to see me return.


Yeah. I kind of took a break from posing for a while.