"Hey, look what I can do." "Nice."

Huzzah! :smiley:

If you spot the error…I tried forever to fix it and couldn’t. :’(

you cannot fix yourself

And off my high stool I go O.o

Oh you

What error?

The guy sitting on the statue base isn’t completely on it. No items would touch it, they would all hover slightly above it. I eventually just said f*** it lol.

Gun has no shadow

It’s really not noticeable unless you point it out.

Thank you! I’m glad it isn’t too noticeable. :smiley:

And thanks, I’ll make sure to add all shadows in next picture. Totally missed the UMP.

ooo, What are the models from?

You can swear, young Padawan.

Fuck ass cunt dick NIGGAR NIGGAR NIGGAR! (try screaming that out loud)

Lol I got out of the habit of doing that cause I think a year or two ago when you would swear it would temp ban your account or something. xP I forget what would happen but it wasn’t a good thing to do for whatever reason.

But thanks xD


EDIT: Oh and the models are from Army of Two 2. They’re the enemies. Found it randomly on Garrysmod.org.

Brotip! Don’t EVER use “xD” here. You’ll get slammed.

Lol I’ll watch out for that.

Tried no collide world? Might work.

There’s a no collide world? O.o