hey my Mouse will mot work

how whould i fix it to works for everything els but weapons and it it set to that and how do i reinstal garrys mod

Delete Local Content… in steam

hey How strange, id do what plo…plokj… that guy above said

yea um is that how i unstal it whould it be gone from my games cause my mom eont by it agen

  1. Learn how to spell.
  2. No it wont delete your game permentaly.
  3. Right click on Garrysmod in your Games Libary and click delete Local Content.
  4. then Install it again. Takes about 10-20 mins to re-install it.

umm, when i want to really reinstall, delete local content isnt good enough, i have to maually remove the garrysmod/garrysmod map

What are you 12? Learn to punctuate. Delete your garrysmod folder, and delete local content from steam. You would have removed garrysmod from your computer. Install gmod again, start it up. And it will build all your folders again.

I hate people who can’t spell :doh:

I hate people who can’t spell or punctuate.

I hate people who repeat what others say.

I hate people who repeat what others say.



Also, I think Steam deletes the data folders as well now…but I can’t be sure because I haven’t been able to use Steam in a while.

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And doctors, and lawyers, and… cops

Back on topic, any news OP?

Oh my god.