"Hey, Sarge! Look what I've got!"


“AN- Ninety… something!”


how it could be.


there is no shooting or pointing guns.

you just wanted to say “Boring”. am i wrong?

Replies like these are pointless and irritating, even if it is generic who cares, that doesn’t make it bad at all. It must be some mindless bandwagon, let me guess you also hate filters and lens flares?

lens flares are great when used well. Also filters.

My point exactly, the majority just see it and immediately rush to the reply button and see it as bad because they think they are meant to

… On topic for once :v:
I like the picture, it’s nicely posed.

but the picture IS generic and boring. posing is ok, but its so very uninteresting to look at

But Military guys shooting offscreen or standing around is boring IMO.

looks good and the combine you never look for good things in the pciture your over critical

Well this time at least he’s right, there’s nothing interesting about this picture. It’s only 3 badly posed soldiers looking “Duh” in the middle of an uninteresting place.

You never seen an overcritical person than

His thumb is clipping through the gun.
(MINOR)Also I don’t see any AN-94s, Only I see is a ak74, G36c, and some M4s.

I think what he means is stop being like it because it’s nothing but annoying. At least point out the good aspects of the picture if you’re going to criticize otherwise you look like an ass.

Tiny AK.

The Combine, spelling bee champion of Nowhereville, USA.

or big hands

nice picture, boring but nice
cool models and posing looks good

Not bad. Posing is decent but boring.

The posing is not bad at all…

Picture looks like my butt.

Shut the fuck up.