HEy Server Owners, please read this, i need help.

My server has this thing where it auto switches off PVP and turns on Instacraft, how do I disable this?

If it’s after a restart, check your config file. That is the file where the default configuration for your server is stored.

yup. After every restart, it defaults to the settings in the config files. You need to add/edit specific configuration to your liking, restart the server, then see if that works.

What do I have to put in? I am not really familiar to this.

Well, I assume you are manually switching PVP on/off and same with the crafting speed. You look for those commands in the config file, and make the changes and save.

damnationz if you’re still stuck, paste the contents of the config file here and someone can show you exactly what parts need changing.

This is my server Config :

##Current server cfg
##Do not edit these variables!
rcon.password “$$admin_passwd$$”
server.hostname “$$name$$”
##Below this line can be edited or added to

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I dont have anything related to turning PVP On/Off or toggling Instacraft On/Off.

So there is nothing below the “##Below this line can be edited or added to” ?

Try adding

server.pvp true
crafting.instant false

in that part. Save the config file and reboot the server.

If this doesn’t work post back and I’ll take another look.

EDIT : Changed crafting.instant to false as I misread your original post. Good spot Seroczynski!

He does not want instacraft, so be sure to set that to false.

Have to say I find it strange that those have to be set explicitly. My server provider had the server.pvp and truth.enforce set to true in the default config, and I have no instacraft, nor did I have to put it in the config.