Hey some help with garry's mod please...

Hey I remember a while ago i was lookin around on garrysmod.org and i saw this mod that would get rid of the default hl2 weapons in garry’s mod (besides physgun and toolgun). I didn’t download it then but I went back today and couldnt find it. Is there a way to change/delete the default weapons?

Garry recently added a command for it, so now you can just type sbox_weapons 0 and you’ll spawn with nothing but a Physics Gun, a Gravity Gun and the Toolgun and Camera.

Actually you don’t get the Grav gun.

But the toolgun is a weapon…

It’s not a hl2 weapon.

i tried this, it just says sbox_weapons unknown command. is there a patch that i missed or something?

You can also use the ‘Spawn with weapons box’ under settings in the q-menu, as far as I know. It will leave you with only the camera, physgun, and toolgun.

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