"Hey, this is a restricted area"

Guards at the front gate of this military HQ stop an unidentified subject.


C&C is greatly apprecieated!

I would shoot that on sight if I were them.

There is not much happening + the angle makes it looks very empty.

Invisible chair.

No there is a chair there.

Why can’t I see the legs of the chair and/or the chair itself? Elaborate.

Reminds me of a Hunter, but it’s too bright.

Well because, the base of the gate is blocking the chair so you cant see it. There, I elaborated.

There is NO chair, you can’t even see the legs of the chair, and don’t EVER use Simple DoF. Scene-build is decent. Atleast it’s not contrast raped like your other picture. Turn up your graphics and don’t waste empty space, use it.

You dont read well when you are pissed, the contrast raped pictures were from Autodestop~ not from him, actually Cornbread’s picture are almost always nice.

I’m not pissed?