"Hey, time to fight again. Stand up, I'll cover you."



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DAT scar

He’s a weapon teaser :v:

if you want to get them, fight with BIS

what should I do man?
I want releasing them too, but BIS will be mad if I upload them.

If u dont know much about it, plz dont gimmie a shit man.

Those capitalist dogs. Models are for the people!

It’s not our fault if tools allow us to convert stuff from games.

Just tell them you’ve modelled them to exact detail.

In requirments put “Gmod, ARMA2”

How about NOT uploading them if you don’t want to get sued.

Also, you and that other guy who makes military poses only need to stop that, I barely even bother checking your threads anymore, because I know it will be the same as always.

Tell them to fuck off because you’re not releasing it for profit.

How did they even find out you’d done it anyway?

Game studios are stalking us. What has the world come to?

But he’s not making a profit! He’s just porting them! Why didn’t EA get mad! There are bf2 ports everywhere!

There’s not a single respectable person in the world who doesn’t own BF2, that’s why

That’s Bohemia Interactive, not EA.
Also that’s sad, but yeah, don’t do shit ddok, you’re just a poser, not an internet hero, avoid any problem.


Pic comment : good posing as usual, nice editing from Joazzz, but bland.

How did Bohemia find out anyways.

I think they occasionally google themselves, like any ‘famous’ person would do. I guess he stumbled into one of his threads.

Wow if I was BI Studios I’d be glad someone likes the models my company created so much they brang them to GMod
god damn, why can’t they be like other european companies like GSC and let people port


And even if you do ignore them and release it, keep it private and only give it to people that you KNOW have ArmA2 or something, to avoid getting legally raped

Yeah cause that’s a lawsuit that can actually hold up :stuck_out_tongue:
They don’t hold rights to the guns.
Shit, they should be happy that other people want to use them in other games.
I vote release.