"Hey, wake up! They're evacing the town!"

Media’d to make life easier.



I personally like the first one better, what do you think?

I like the first one better too,everything is nice and all…but the eyeposing is WAY off

Looks like the start of every war game ever made.

Damint, I several minutes looking at this thread in the ticker, trying to figure out what ‘evacing’ was (I thought it was pronounced evasing). :angry:

His face looks very strange, should try to fix his eyes. Also, the stuff on the guys chest look a bit jumbled and confusing to look at.

It looks pretty good. Nice job!

The eyes look awful, and the guy with the baclava (Dunno if its spelled that way) Looks bad.
The 1st Person effect is nice tho, and the lights are mmmm… nice… really bright.
Posing is really good, except ofc for the baclava(Again this word :v:) guy

“Balaclava” yea the posing is good but his eyes are like ( o) (o )

One of the reasons it’s bright is because it’s actually a night map I did the pose on. It’s freespace6 night.

evacing, don’t you mean evading?

Can you get a shot of the loyalist in the black gear… the posing looks really good on him

the rest are good too

though the guy closest to the person “you” (the audience) has a very, very, VERY strange facial expression

have a palette

what’s wrong with his eye? please eyepose him

or evacuating

Fix the eyeposing and it’d be fantastic



The structures on the models are weird, when you click on the eyes with the poser it ends up blinking, and when you try to move it about it just goes beserk…

Looks like he just woke up, which is cool.

Wtf does evacing mean.

You’d think the gunfire would’ve woken him up

Agreed^ but how would his eye mess up?

The eyeposing. And you should move his arm closer to the weapon.