"Hey! Where is Rochelle?" - Nick and Coach is fighting with Zombies




"Who cares, lets get out of here!"

I like the atmosphere of the edit.

I think it’s an Axe, but it looks like Ellis has a tie :v:

it’s obviously axe lol

Nice editing, the posing is kinda dumb though - Coach is so badass he doesn’t even need to look at what he’s punching.

Coach likes Rochelle!

What are you in the 4th grade?


“Mista, I don’t like your attitude…”

not your best posing, but really good editing
don’t know why but this surpasses your others

Huh? No, I’m just yelling it out so everyone knows.

s’alright but the posing could be better

posing could be better, but the edit is nice.