"Hey whos that" - Sgt. Foley walks into the wooden house



He Looks…Angry.

“Which one of you is Ramirez?”

Good work, but the textures on the wall are cut off. It looks weird.

Everything looks nice, but I’m not liking the posing for the guy on the right. He looks…weird.

Very similar to the cover of COD:MW2 (if you look at SGT. Foley)

looks great, good job

I laughed really hard at that :v:

Nice pose and edit, looks great as usual.
My only gripe is the shadow in the center of his vest.

“Ramirez, figure out who these guys are.”

The face expression is what makes it all.
On him it looks like Ramirez did not ‘take out’ whatever he was told to =p