Hey, you are getting wayyy too minecraft-ish

I recognised it lately. The game is getting wayy too much a minecraft-ish survival, than an apocalyptic one compared to legacy in a similar state. You no longer have to risk getting good stuff from radtowns, as 1. There are barrels lying around in non-risky places for getting plans 2. There are nothing else worthy amount of value and irreplacable stuff (yet), to risk getting in to butchering zones. You can just simply get wood, meters from your house getting enough in no time. You wont really get into trouble getting ores, as the map simply does not force you so (where tension in legacy has gone even while collecting wood?), I had not a single occasion I met anyone while collecting these stuff, except 1-2 minutes away from the spawn. People just vanish in the forest, and come out full armored, best weapon, by not moving more than 2m from their house to collect wood and ores.

People tell, we need more handcrafted weapons. What, to sit home even more? I say, we need some stuff, take in kevlar again (I suppose its not in yet), make it something, which STALKERs can collect, and cant just craft it a trillion times for the whole team. Take in weapons brand new factory produced ones, remained after apocalypse, thrown by airdrops. Have them both, so it WILL matter, and be seen, if you go to action in kevlar and m4 taken from an airdrop, or a rusty ww2 tomphson with heavy metal-armor. Make it rewarding, but at the same time, leave both types a playable choice.

I would say you’re referring to issues with server owners not using logical map sizes for their player base. I’ve seen <100 player servers using gigantic maps and it’s completely stupid… but it’s not FP’s fault.

They just added rad towns recently, give them some more time to adjust loot tables. If they changed loot tables to only give you good stuff in rad town (like in legacy) the game would become imbalanced for anybody who couldn’t wall off a rad town. They’re most likely waiting to change this until there are more tools for players to use, so be patient.

The main branch’s kevlar is actually the metal chest plate. Kevlar and other military weapons most likely won’t make it in the game as they’re trying to keep the theme rustic and patchwork.

I agree that the barrels spawning everywhere ruins the competition. But also agree that it makes it too hard to get started as a fresh spawn if they are in rad zones only. I always liked trying to take out some zombies on the outskirts first, or the ones next to resource hole. Of course the best stuff was in those metal crates, and those crate spawns were heavily fought over. The rad towns now still spawn more barrels than just randomly in the wild, and their position is fixed, so they are still favorable and fought over by larger groups. There just needs to be a greater variation of rad towns, maybe even just little stashes with a few wood palettes and a single barrel, but very low radiation level. Something a larger group may not really care to defend, but might be fought over by the solo or fresh players. I almost think this is something that will just happen eventually… of course they will add more prefabs and stuff, it just takes time.

They call them plates now, instead of kevs. I don’t think they will add those modern gun models. The game stands out more if it has a different theme than every other fps shooter. Do you know how many games have m4s and AKs? They all try to look as realistic as possible too, AKA, all the exact same as the real gun they are based on. I like how the AK looks more unique and hand made in this. A lot of effort was put into making this stuff too, and to stay visually consistent with the theme. I do like the idea of non craftable very rare gear, because once one guy out of the group of 9 finds the plate blueprint, they will all have it all the time. But if only one of something is found by them, it would be awesome if you killed that one guy and ran off with it before his friends caught you. It would be cool if they looked non hand crafted, but very rusty and worn. still visually consistent with the theme and not identical to every other game. of course that means more time, more money. Im fine with how things are now, anything more is just a welcome bonus at this point.

“of course that means more time, more money”

I dunno what am I complaining btw, rust seems not even 50% ready, still has tons of development to go, and will have workshop. This way or that, they will be implemented. :dance:

Money and time? They have both, and I dont think they spare any time from the game, and implementing some m4’s would not be that much of a money. See gmod, they have been updating, hell, even developing it for years now. I dont think rust will finish development on release.

assuming every player who plays Rust plays it to kill other players and strictly PvP. People do PvE believe it or not. I found legacy rust to have a skill curve that was ridiculous. If you didn’t play with friends, you got fucked up by kids who somehow had every single item in them game. No matter where you built, people would find you and spawn camp you. This game isn’t only CoD. It’s suppose to actually be fun.

This is bullshit. I’ve been a proud owner of rust since the early days of the Dutch Auction (back when it was once per 24 hours and not an auction every hour, that came much later). I’ve been a solo player most of the time, and while back when there were only the few official servers, while I did get killed every 5 minutes, soon enough I learned how to play well, and pretty quickly I learned how to manage as a solo player.
Of course it was much harder, but it was for the hardcoreness that I bought rust, which at the time was planned to be a DayZ standalone. Now however, it’s quite boring as a solo player. Not to mention that I actually liked having a single map, if you were a veteran you knew the best places to put a base.

All in all, while the new version has a ton of improvements, as of now it’s not as fun as Legacy was. Then again it’s not even finished, so I can’t really complain.