"Hey! You guys know what time it is?" Rebels cine across a special cache


Anyone willing to add generic phong to these guys?

Anyways C&C

It’s good ol’ fashioned cola time!

Link to the Rebel skins?

Forget the rebel skins. Where’d you get the cola models?

(The link for the rebels is here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=84821. Be warned, some of the extra equipment the rebels have that you see in the picture isn’t in that file. Dunno where he got them.)

Interesting pose. Kind of bland without editing (unless the contrast I see is edited in?), but I won’t hold that against the OP (I couldn’t stand being told my work was shoddy because I didn’t know how to do any editing back then).

My only suggestions are to try some type of editing to improve your work further. That, and watch out for small clipping errors (nitpick here, but the second rebel from the left’s trigger finger is clipping into the gun slightly). Excellent work, otherwise, from what I can tell, though I’m by no means a great artist and my own observations may be inadequate.

I just messed with curves and the gradients some more.

nuka cola > reg cola XD

I like how the only one holding a bottle separately is also the only one who can’t easily drink said bottle.

5 o’clock, raping time!