i got bann for nothing what i put on garrysmod.org
not only had one thing but mine was full DarkRP as more jobs,
shipment and still do not understand why I got banned
And i will get unbann
Cuz i havent a accoun he got bann and sometime it was unbann

You uploaded someone elses work.

I looked at your uploads, you uploaded someone else’s work multiple times. You will not be unbanned and you deserve the ban.

You oughta be banned again for your extrememly generic post.

yes but i don’t whant exemple(i look after Monitor Pack and i don’t found then i put)
the darkrp its moficat
the map i make it in SourceSDK
and another think i don’t remaind
But i don’t now cuz i must to ask for permision .I knew if I be not be asked but I saw nowhere to write it

It shouldn’t have to be written down, it’s common sense. Thievery is against the law in pretty much every country, you didn’t even give credit to the original authors.


Also, I’ve asked you before. Please start using descriptive thread titles. “Hey” is not a descriptive thread title, “Why was I banned from Garrysmod.org” is.

ok sorrry i will make that ok