HFB Mods Problems (Rust++ / Oxide)


After the game update (20/01) i can not use any Mods in my HFB Server.
Rust ++ isnt working and since Oxide updated to 1.9, any plugins are working for me too…

I need to wipe the server to put the Mods running?

Please, help me…


HFB isn’t even up right now…

Yes we are, I am not sure where you are getting that information.

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Please submit a support ticket, we do not provide support on these forums.

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I put a support ticket up like 4 hours ago still no answer…

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I’m sorry but i get this… I had this for 5 hours now…

Once again, your statement that “hfb isnt up” is false, yes the node you are on (which affects ~10 people) is down due to a very large 20gbps+ DDOS attack. However 99.99% of our other nodes are online. Since your server was hit with such a large attack the datacenter has null routed it for 8 hours.

Still Great Ticket system

http://hfbforums.us/ ??

Not official HFB forums

Tickets are answered in the order they are received, you will be answered once it is your turn in the queue. Due to the update today, we have received several hundred support tickets as such response times are slightly higher than normal atm.

I love how he is on facepunch defending his service, while people are still waiting for their servers that have been down for hours.

It’s also fun how every single time there service goes down they blame it on that person’s particular “node which affects ~10 servers” was hit by a DDOS attack, when i’ve yet to see/hear of any other provider complaining about DDOS attacks.

HFBservers were the only place I could find an available server right away, but due to all the complaints i’ve heard I went with a different provider and will be waiting around a week until I can get my server.

The HFB control panel was down for like at leasdt 3 hours yesterday, when the patch came and i stopped my server, then i couldn’t restart it because the panel was down. Working fine now though, even noone of the mods actually work :tinfoil:

I had the same issue. I stopped the server. Backed everything up. Stopped the server. Uninstalled the mods. Reinstalled. Started server. That got me back up.

I am also with HFB and have a 100 slot server there. And no downtime yesterday at all. Control panel worked fine. It may have been a little bit sluggish the hour after the patch but still accesible.

edit my server is in the netherlands

I am renting a server from HFB in The Netherlands as well, and with all the people complaining about HFB I think it has something to do with the location as to why I can never relate to the mentioned problems.

I couldn’t login the CP for a little while yesterday, but I was able to update my server right away without any problems. Never had downtime, and only minor lag when having more than 50% of the max. capacity online.