HFB Server CP

Is anyone else having issues accessing HFB Control Panel?

Yes, cant access it at all! And the mods need updating, hope they fix soon!

Cant access it and our server is down. Second time in two days. I think HFB has dropped the ball in being worst customer experience service hoster.

I am having difficulty with HFB also. can u tell me how do u know if u get logged into rcon? I keep trying to do airdrops and nothing happens. I have tried typing it as shown in the commands and an assortment of other ways. is this working for you guys? or am I just doing something wrong?

This should be resolved as we were able to get the massive DDoS attack on the panel mitigated.

Server is down, noone can connect. And I can’t access the control panel. I hope you get this fixed fast, as we risk loosing our players to other servers because of it.

Thanks for the update

We’re good now guys, I was able to Steam Update just now without any problems!

I am able to get into the CP and it has normal functionality. My server is also up and running as well. I am only just waiting on the Rust++ update to come out to add it to my server. Is there any update with this?

Still Can’t Open GameCP.

And I’ve had been waiting almost 6 hours for a response on my ticket.

Its still very touch and go this happened last update too im looking at other providers…

I updated my server very early in the morning and everything was fine - personally I’m just waiting for the rust++ developers to push an update to make it compatible with the latest patch

“Status: Unknown” says that on our server, when I finally got into the control panell.

What version does it say in your CP? I am curious to if mine actually updated or not. If you could let me know that would be amazing!

beginning to think I made a mistake selecting HFB, can anyone suggest another server provider that is better?

only other option is BMRF and they’re booked, hfb isn’t bad

k thx, will look that one up

bad time to shut down my server – probably going to lose half the players :stuck_out_tongue: went to re-install rust++ and cp went down

Re-Installed Rust++ on HFB, Server works fine now.

it took me nine years to get to the mod page and reupload the old files… now waiting for the main page to load to try and boot the server, probably lost all my players cause this was suppose to be a ten second thing and it’s been like 20 minutes+