HFB Server Network Issues - Anyone else experiencing this?

Our NY based server is getting some major lag issues right now. Even the HFB mumble server is timing out. I placed a ticket just in case. Anyone else having these issues with HFB?

My teamspeak was bugging out but now it’s fine

I am also with Hfb and having major lag issues. I am in the NY node. It goes on and off but when it is on it’s pretty bad

I am in the NY node as well, I forgot to mention. Hmm… Even loading the console during the time was slow.

They’re almost constantly DDoS’d. I recently jumped ship to FPSplayers and I’ve been loving it. My server was down for about 3-4 days, then when it was finally up I couldn’t even play due to the constant lag spikes. Finally after a few days they told me that it was in fact DDoSers and the lag should subside, which it never did.

Haha, we switched to HFB from FPS because our FPS server would go from 60-100 ping to 150-200 when over 20 players logged on. “Everything was fine on their end”

I am also having trouble on NY node.

Never had a problem with FPS so far, and my ping’s actually lower. My current server is in Dallas, and my other was in Daytona which was even closer. I guarantee you though that the problem is them being DDoS’d. They’re attacked pretty frequently.

I haven’t had any issue with HFB for the past few weeks, even with 40+ people. I think something DDoS related is going on. Tonight has been the first I have had any lag at all.

Yeah same. Hopefully it is resolved soon. It sucks seeing players disappointed when its out of our control.

Just got an email from HFB confirming DDoS… It has been intermittent but seems stable at the moment.

My HFB server has been down for fifteen hours.
Official response was posted confirming server was taken offline because it is part of a grid of servers receiving a massive DDOS attack, and they took us offline so that that grid doesnt spoil over to other servers in the data center. I am assuming it spoiled over. We’ve been down all day, and they have not done anything but say “When the DDOS stops we will resume”

The worst thing about the DDOS dorks is every time these companies have bad service, they claim it’s from DDOS.