HFB server owners, got a question about the added web site you get

Ok…tried doing some research and came up empty and even contacted HFB…still havent got an answer.
So, they advertise on Rust servers taht you get a TS server as well as web space for a web site?
How is this accessed?

Literally any free website/blog/forum will be better than HFB. Many server providers advertise a limited slot TS server with their service.

If I were you, I’d do some research on HFB and their well known track record for completely crappy customer service, terrible servers and massive downtime.

It may be a while before you get a response back from HFB customer support on your query. Actually, HFB is hiring people for unpaid customer support positions. It might actually be quicker to apply, skim through whatever documents they have you read to become a CS rep and then reply to your own request.

if you look in your gamepanel, look unde r"voice servers" and you will find the info for your mumble server, and/or they also send you a detailed email with all the important info as well.

  • side note - good luck with HFB, they are horrid, have terrible support and have no interest in keeping their customer base.