HFB Servers and DropParty???

I have HFB server provider and they have recently updated the control panel to where u can install RUST++ instantly from there. But my problem is when i want to install DropParty, there isnt a Rust_Server_Data nomore, what do i have to do to install DropParty???

You can’t.

They have to manually approve/inspect all mods that they add, so expect it to be added in a few weeks or never - that’s about as fast as they seem to be working.

Not sure where you are getting the “few weeks” part. Rust modding has only been around/supported for just about 2 weeks. Most of the time going into the modding on the GSPs end is trying to prevent exploits from happening, again.

I’m getting the “few weeks” from my experience with them over the past 4 weeks. Their support is incredibly slow and they have been incredibly slow to act upon anything compared to other providers.

As customers, we are allowed to give our opinion on the service we receive.

It’s feels unnecessary… Why does it take this long? From the way I understood it, canvox has already made the changes they’ve asked for, and it STILL hasn’t been added to the mod manager…

I’m a new server owner and through research I’m using this mod, my question is that I’m not totally familiar with hfb and it doesn’t seem like there is anything to signify that there is an update to install for the rust++ mod, can any other readers tell me if hfb has already updated to current version or is there a way I can do it manually. I appreciate any and all feedback ty.

Just got this as a reply to a ticket 4:57pm EST

We are currently waiting for the latest update of dropparty to change the server config location. We will look in to limited sleepers, and attempt to contact the mod creator.

Systems Engineer

This wait is a hook my server has been offline 3 dam days because there is no drop party…

I feel ya pain…

no airdrops on my server because i dont have drop party :confused:

I got exactly the same message yesterday even after the update vox gave…I really dont know what HFB are doing but they have not messaged me since that copy paste message which was like 12 hours ago

anyone had any luck messaging them today?

Recived this message 15 mins ago

Thanks for the update Godzinhu atleast there messaging you heh

Working with HFB and FPS to get leather 1.1, drop party and other mods all updated and working.

they are not simply messaging me, i opened a ticket ><, i want this!!

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Does the GroupGate was discontinued ? the owner are banned of forum o.o

Anyone having issues with their gampcp on HFB?

EDIT : Nvm, they still haven’t added it yet for whatever reason…

Canvox has made the changes they requested and we’re still without DropParty.

Ive opened a ticket with them two Godzinhu…in fact I have 4 open just to get at least one answered this is turning out to be a nightmare

it is already getting annoying, it seems that they give more importance to Oxide

the issue was, drop party was broken until CanVox updated it, which was only compatible with Leather 1.1, Rust++ was only compatible with 1.0, so they were waiting on me to update rust++ so they can put the other mods on. im about to push out an update soon