HFB servers ripped me OFF! DO not Trust their crappy service!

I paid for their service and have not heard anything from them in 3 weeks and they even deleted my account and support tickets
If I find out where they are located and i am in the area I will pay them a personal visit…

The status has been in processing it shortly no service setup… and they took my money.

Dear Rob Stevens,
We have received your order and will be processing it shortly. The details of the order are below:
Order Number: 3217644838
Product/Service: Game Servers - Rust
Slots: 150
Location: Tampa FL
Branding: No Branding - FREE
FTP Access: FTP Access
Control Panel: Feature Packed Control Panel
Support: 24/7/365 Professional Support
Server Name (HostName): Bifs survival
Rcon Password: ######
First Payment Amount: $26.00 USD
Recurring Amount: $26.00 USD
Billing Cycle: Monthly

Product/Service: Shared Web Hosting - Sub-Domain Web Hosting
Domain: upperking.hfbsite.com
First Payment Amount: $3.00 USD
Recurring Amount: $3.00 USD
Billing Cycle: Monthly

Total Due Today: $29.00 USD

Yes, we know. There’s a thread about HFB every other day.
If you rent a server, read reviews first, then you won’t complain later.

time to start reporting them to the better business bureau if nothing else

read this

sad news it seems


wow this is bad.

The owners address is posted on that DayZ website.

You should write him a well-informed letter and send it in the mail.

I posted thsi on reddit and some guy that lives near by said its a shitty little apartment complex. It’s probably an al-queda shell company or something. ( Im kidding about the second sentence)