HFBServers - Anyone else down?

I started hosting with HFBServers.com earlier this week. This morning I logged in and my server is down. The game control panel says server status: unknown.

I submitted a ticket this morning but have heard nothing from them.

Is anyone else hosting with HFB and if so, is your server alive?

I have had that happen in the past. It is not happening to me right now.

Thanks for your response. Any idea on the best way to get in touch? The ticket system seems ineffective.

The tickets suck for them. I have had one pending for 6 days until I got a response. I did get credit for the downtime, though.

Your server was down for 6 days with no response from them? Was this a one time thing or has their service been spotty a lot?

Just wondering because this is making me think I might have picked the wrong hosting provider :\

The ticket was for something else, but it was down for about it two days. It just happened once. Other than that, I have been using them for 4 months and I am pleased.

k, well I wont break out my pitchfork and torch yet… here’s to hoping the get it back up shortly.

Thanks again for the info!

Our server is down too since yesterday. Submitted tickets many times and still no response. it states UNKNOWN in the gamecp :frowning:

players r agitated and i am having withdrawal :stuck_out_tongue: lol let us know if u get any response.


if u put in your ip i can go say hi :slight_smile:

I totally understand your frustration.

I finally got a response after putting in a ticket with the sales department. They told me it was due to a DDoS attack and service would resume normally once it was over. My sever did come up again after a full 2 days and has been up since. I sent them an email asking about their DDoS protection and what for of compensation I could get for the downtime. I have yet to hear a response (3 days and counting).

This downtime upset my regulars and caused some to leave. This is due not only to the server being down but also everyones house had decayed by the time it finally came up, causing people to loose a lot of hard work.

I hope your server comes back up again soon. In the mean time feel free to check us out here:

And it again is happening to me…haha. I am in “unknown” status since yesterday. Jinxed myself by saying I don’t have problems? I am sure it will take hfbservers a week to get to my ticket.

:suicide::suicide:And now it works…maybe they saw the post since they did not answer my help ticket.:suicide:

Mine is still down. Day 6 :frowning: Damn!! they say its DDoS attacked. Cant they give like a new ip and sort that DDoS attacked ip out. This is damn frustrating :frowning:

We are moving to a new hosting provider. I am unwilling to pay a company that does not respond to their customers.

I really wish the server code was released to the public so we are not at the mercy of a couple companies who simply don’t seem to care about their customers.

Best of luck Ladyryn, I hope your service gets restored soon!

Hey thanks rustbugs :slight_smile: which server host r u going to ? and is it better than this? :smiley:

We are going to try out FPS Players. I asked a question and got a response same day from their customer support so they are already better than HFB in my book. Granted, I haven’t tested the actual rust server yet. I’ll be making the full switch in the next day or two and will let you know how the first week goes.

day 9 n its still down :frowning: nuthing from the hosting company…

Wow that is just crazy!

I’d consider calling your credit card company and reversing the charges. Also, this seems like something the Better Business Bureau would be interested in hearing about.

It boggles my mind how a company could operate like this…

Hello again.

Guess what? Till today theres no news about the server. No response from HFB and server is still unknown. Sigh…

Holy cow, that is unbelievable!

Here’s an update on my end: Got a new server with FPSPlayers.com. My regulars immediately complained of lag and slow response. People were rubber banding and rocks would take 3 hatchet hits before updating the player inventory and breaking. Just a mess. So we tracerouted the IP address and it traced back to an IP owned by HFB servers!

So it looks like FPS players is just simply reselling HFB services, at a lower quality than HFB.

After some more research, we switched yet again to gameservers.com. So far the server is running well and I actually have received a thoughtful and timely response when I asked a question about the number of slots showing up in game. We have only been with them for about a week but I am very happy so far.

Best of luck Ladyryn, I hope your server comes back soon!

My server has been down for three weeks and no response. This company is a total scam.