hfbservers.com - throwing money at customers

Ordered there server, the server does not end up working. Specifically deactivated every 12 hours for 3-4 hours.
Support does not respond at all.
Made service cancellation, the money is not returned, and I understand it and will not return …

Why do developers have contracts with such hosting companies that are so bad know their stuff and pull money from buyers …

why its throwing money O.o xD

sorry, used a translator.
I paid hosting. and it does not work. deleted order, and the money on my card is not returned.

Not going to use them then.

HFB has the absolute WORST support. I use FPS Players and the difference, both in performance and support, is night and day.

Why not take away hosting this license?


Cheap and fast. Excellent support.

I actually JUST concluded my business with HFB.

They were responsive, and helpful the whole time. Everything worked as advertised, and it was a pretty enjoyable experience.

Why don’t you explain your problems in some detail? The only thing I could really get from your post is that your server deactivated? Then they started throwing money at you?

I had a good experience with HFB as well. Their support isn’t as fast as I would like but I always got a response within a few hours which isn’t bad.

It sounds like your server (or another server on the same box) was being DDoSed, if that’s the case then there’s nothing HFB can do about it. It happens to any server host and there’s really no way to stop it.

I had 5 tickets open with HFB over the span of 3 weeks and not 1 single response. Their GameCP is shoddy as well.

Most of the time, the price for servers really tells a lot about the quality.

I also had many problems. The last one, the gamecp wouldn’t work at all, they had associated my site with another one and it had duplicate entries in the database. That went on for almost a month before I cancelled. They couldn’t care less. that was in February. I still have access to the website and mumble server that came with the deal originally, so that tells you how on top of things they are. I also constantly had performance issues over 10 population, it was ridiculous.

I have (had) 2 servers with hfbservers, my 2nd server (pvp) went down 05/18/2014, 2 days after I paid the next months rental bill. I put in a support ticket the same day, no reply for 4 days, so I put in a 2nd and so on. All in all I put in 10 tickets to 2 different areas ‘sales’ and ‘general support’ all with ZERO reply. My PvE server went down 06/06/2014, put in yet another ticket… they fixed the problem and got the server back up, but still NO reply to the ticket(s)…

If you want Customer Service, avoid hfbservers like the plague, my only guess is they’re going out of business.

Call your BANK, tell them you need to do a CHARGEBACK, because you paid for a service and didn’t receive it. You do this when the merchant/supplier does not handle your refund in a reasonable amount of time (in my opinion, reasonable may be 2-3 business days after issue is confirmed).

The title of your thread is funny because “throwing money at customers” makes it sound like HFB are giving you lots of money to keep you happy, lol :slight_smile:

I hope my post was understandable :wink:

We moved away from HFB servers for the extremely poor customer service. We had an outage starting on 8 May that lasted until 13 May. Took 2 days to reply to the ticket and only after a much stronger worded ticket was entered. Was told it was a DDoS, but then they changed their story to having a problem in their server farm.

1 month to the day, 8 June, server goes down again. It’s still down. with no response to any of the 7 tickets that have been submitted.

Moved our business to Revolt. We had an issue with Essentials not running. Submitted ticket and the actual owner of Revolt was logged into our server in just a few minutes (I know it won’t happen every time, but it was awesome service), issue was resolved and we were back in business.

Definitely stay away from HFB.

Read the job section of their website. All of their “support roles” are unpaid and at will. HFB is a horrible company.


See above. They suck.

the funniest part is, Revolt isn’t even an approved vendor.

I switched from HFB to FPS Players as well. Fantastic support and service with 24 hours or less. They even have live Teamspeak support in multiple languages which was super helpful. They offer great service and servers. They keep oxide updated, the mod I use, literally within the hour it comes out. As far as Im concerned FPS hasn’t let me down for several months

I was with HFB for 6 months with no problems at all,
Then I paid for my May invoice and the server was down for the whole month!
I put in a ticket and support said the server is being is Dos!
I log in everyday and see “unknown” status,
long story shortened, No more HFB for me!,
Moving right along…


I recently got another server through gameservers.com. I cant speak of performance at high population yet, but thus far the support team has been impressively responsive and quick to address 2 issues I had.