HFBservers Ddos over and over AND over again

So we got a HFBserver and the cluster we got put on gets ddos so BOOM 24 hour blackhole. Later we try again works for a week BOOM ddos with null route for 24 hours. We wait awhile and try again after the last patch BOOM 24 hour null route. I would avoid HFBservers unless you just enjoy getting your server shut down for 24 hours all the time cause some person on your IP cluster gets ddosed.

It is almost impossible to get a server going with HFB when they go down alll the time for 24 hours periods.

I am also getting DDOS’d I know who is doing it to…funny enough I was just coming to make a warning thread about it so thanks for starting it for me

a guy called “PeaceKeeper”
Steam 64 76561197988793847
Steam2 ID STEAM_0:1:14264059

one of my community members recognized his name, so I questioned is he new ? and just talking to others on the server about changes I had made to the server and he started getting abusive and others were saying he was going to DDOS (which he then said once my friends get offline you will see) so I kicked him since he was just causing trouble…funny enough 10 seconds later server offline…cant access anything on HFB and its being DDOSED to hell, I have contacted Steam + HFB with all of his details (Including his IP address with other proof) I would suggest just getting him in your ban list before he even logs on your server…

Whats your server IP I am wondering if we are on the same cluster?

I would suggest banning this guy when you get the chance I also have his IP but if you want that PM me
I should mention he also threatened to post myself and all my admins information over the internet if we went further…what is the world coming to…

This Peacekeeper guy logged onto my server and DDOSed it as well, pissed off

Why do kids ddos?
Rofl, Isn’t it like a federal crime or sumtin

Same. We tried to set up a HoneyPot to prevent the Denial of service but with no luck. Anyway, any idea how to ban him? I can’t through VAC, having trouble / not sure if its a just cause to ban through VAC. Thanks in advance.

Ya Same guy Ddosed my server a few mins ago too is he just going to server to server ddosing?

Well if it is then with the details I have on him…he is screwed lol his only 21 as well unlucky for him before I kicked him his profile was public then it started and it went private lol tisk tisk


I also went on a friend of his stream to see if he would speak to him live and he did basically asking “Haha did he talk about his server” “lolol” “he mad”


Yeah I definitely think there needs to be a group that server owners and admins can exchange steam ID’s for people that are doing this kind of shit to keep people like this out of servers as a pre-emptive measure.

LMAO guys banning gun will NOT stop future ddos attacks. The bottom line is when anyone wants to they can click a button and take down yours, mine and anyone elses server they so wish.

Server hosting companies like HFB just refuse to pay the extra buck for ddos protection.

Well I don’t think you’d really want to press charges or anything sense He’s obviously a dull minded teenager,

I am not saying banning him might solve it…I am just saying banning him so you don’t give him a reason to DDOS might prevent it…since he will sit there and just be abusive on the server anyway
also looking under his ESEA account looks like his been banned for this sort of thing in the past

Server Disruption (1st) 6/14/11 1 day 12 hours
Server Disruption (1st) 6/6/11 1 day

I am just saying it would save you the trouble of even having this guy on your server at all

see but at least we have his profile and (possibly) IP to go along with this. Of course banning him, whatever comes of this won’t end ddosing, but if somethiing happens to hiim, ie. the law, then it will definitely send a message to other pricks who think they’re 1337 h4x0rz for using a ddos script.

seems like everybody are ddosing these days, specially on gaming servers… do little kids get access to these things now?

Pretty nuts heh

Anyone have his IP? If so PM me it.

Most of those ddos attacks are not big at all its just that companies like HFB does not want to spend a cent in ddos protection.

There are better hosting companies out there that will eventually come to rust soon. Lucky for us we wont have to deal with those script kids and those bad hosting companies.

Without trying to advertise Multiplay, they have a VERY strong anti-ddos after the attacks running up to christmas, from experience HFB are phenomenally slow for everything except support…

Change providers if you have problems.

I have Pm’d you enough details to ban and check up on him

Do they offer FTP access yet i.e being able to upload new plugins manually ?