HFBservers issue.

I recently rented a rust server from HFBservers. The prices were great so I thought why not.

Problem is I selected my server location based on how close it was to me. I live in Alberta Canada and chose Seattle as its closest to me and Seattle servers often have good latency for me.

Unfortunately the ping when I join my server is 120+ I’m currently in talks with support to change locations Chicago is full.

Anyone in my general location have a recommendation for a good server location?

I don’t start to see any latency issues until my ping is over 200.

I wouldn’t choose New York. I have been on the node for a little bit now and my server is starting to act very strange. They said it was because “Alpha” software, but yet I do not see any other servers having the same issues I do. It is always a mystery as to what is causing random crashes / server rubber banding.

From my experience I start noticing some issues above 150 which 120 is well below but mind you I was the only person on the server.

But even given that I would have a hard time settling with a server I’m paying for and having a ping that I wouldn’t even choose from. I get latency between 30-70 on on most Seattle based servers in rust, most likely from different providers though.

Well, I would want great ping if I were paying for a server too. The different providers do seem to have different levels of service. Do they have a phone number or something you could just call them and ask them which location should give you the best ping. If they can’t tell you, then they are not much of a provider…

HFB isn’t the greatest.

A bit of Googling would show you that in high amounts.

You’re probably right sir. Any suggestions on a decent provider? They have no refund policy but seeing as how the service is utter garbage and I played through PayPal that won’t be an issue.

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I actually asked support for a list of available locations and the IP for the servers so I could find out myself. No response yet.

Try pinging our US location: bmrf.me

we’re on a tier 1 network so should be a good reference ping while looking for providers in the Northern US.

I’m at work at the moment. When I get home tonight I will try this out

I just looked through all the open tickets in our system and I believe it was responded to but if not please PM me your ticket number.

I have an HFB server hosted in Seattle and it’s always smooth and works very well.
Granted, I LIVE in Seattle so my ping is usually around 20-30, this obviously won’t be the case for everyone…
But you can’t blame the server hosting for your own geographic location. HFB is the one hosting company I found that has the most options for physical server location and the best price.

I don’t expect you will do much better with Chicago servers. The fiberoptic capabilities running north from Seattle are not as robust as those heading south and east. Chicago is likely the same. Find the best ping and identify their provider.

** We run an HFB server and are very satisfied with them. **


Also, I believe HFB can provide IPs that you can ping to give you a good idea of where the best place to host a server would be.

HFB has treated me well since Dec. 2012.

Well good to see some nice feedback. I have gotten a response and have asked them to switch the server base to Quebec after getting the IP server list and pinging it with around 30ms all around.

Hopefully it works out. I will say that the support is pretty decent I have dealt with many server hosts with great service and price but horrible horrible support.

I do hope this works as the price is the best I’ve seen and like I said the support has been pretty good. Just looking for a better ping now :wink:

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I live in Canada not Europe or something lol I have rented servers for many other games before. Americas Army, DayZ, Battlefield, CS. I know what to expect and expecting a ping below 100 is certainly not hoping for a miracle.

Having said that you’re correct. HFB does have the lowest prices I’ve seen and many locations so I’ll agree with you there fore sure.

I’m in Alberta too and run a HFB Server in Chicago. I’ve yet to have any issues with ping. Which ISP are you with?

I’m with Telus and have had little trouble with them so far. I have a neighbour whom I play with he has Shaw I believe gets around the same ping as me. However the server is in Seattle. Apparently Chicago is fullup.

Chicago is currently filled and we have a lot of machines on order in this location however we will most likely not arrive until next week due to the holiday messing with our shipping.

I’m a customer of HFB since a few weeks and everything is fine so far, great server here in Quebec!

I have used them in the past and they are quite good (imho), prices were fair and customer service was always fast and courteous.

OP why not contact HFB directly?