HFBServers Rust Server Hosting Request

Since we have been hosting for several weeks now this post is no longer relevant.

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I hosted a server from these guys for 3 mouths and loved it <3 buy a rust server from them in a bit :slight_smile:

Glad you enjoyed your stay at HFBServers :slight_smile: If we are allowed to host Rust and you rent a server you will most likely notice a MUCH faster support department, We recently brought on 4 more support reps.

Any idea on possible pricing for these servers?

Since we have not hosted a Rust server yet we do not know how well or I guess how bad it runs, So pricing will depend on the resources a Rust server uses. If its in anyway similar to a DayZ server resources we should be able to hit be in the $20 range, If rust servers use less than DayZ resource wise we might be able to get even cheaper.

Thanks for your interest.

wow. Thats pretty awesome :smiley:

Hm, there was a server hoster on DayZ that was shit and people had a lot of problems with I don’t remember which one though, but I don’t think it was HFB

Maybe it was survival servers or something.

Every DayZ server host at some point seems to get flak for one thing or another. Most of the time it seems like a lot but in reality its usually just 1-2 angry customers posting, which for the most part from what I have seen over the years an angry customer is 100% more likely to post somewhere then a happy customer.

We have had several thousand DayZ customers since we started hosting and while we try to solve every issue and make every customer happy some do slip through the cracks. Just like any hosting business.

While I will agree that there are some hosts that receive more flak than others similar to what you described. I won’t post their names on this thread as in 99% of the cases they have since stepped up their game and have treated their customers well since then.

I hope you guys can start hosting this so I can switch my dayz server to rust.

I hope they get to host rust servers. HFBServers 4 da win!

Glad to See your interest :slight_smile: We really would like to start hosting asap.

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Thank you for your support :slight_smile: We also really would like to host Rust servers.

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Great news everybody, We are now a Rust Approved host. We will begin testing server resources asap, and will hopefully begin selling servers very soon.

Once again, thanks for all the support from those who replied to this thread :slight_smile:

Buying now :slight_smile: Site is unfortunately slow, but hope for great support and server quality. I will leave more feedback in the future!

I assume the site is slow due to some sort of cloudflare issue with the node they are connecting you to (Have been seeing random issues as of late) I only blame cloudflare as at present the site is loading near instant for me and my phone.

I used these guys for my Dayz server they are awesome! :slight_smile:

What server is better from spain?. France o Germany?. I want to buy it.

Feel free to ping any of the following server to get a rough idea on what your ping will be like

Seattle -
Dallas -
Phoenix -
Atlanta -
New York -
Kansas -
Chicago -
Germany -
Quebec -
France -
Los Angeles -
Columbus, OH -

Ty so much. France is better (43ms)

I´m trying to buy the server but I can´t. It’s the third time that I see the next message:

“Please wait while you are redirected to the Gateway you chose to make payment…”

And i wait and wait and wait… :slight_smile: and nothing!

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Finally i get it!, I.E was the problem.

I wouldn’t recommend this service. It’s pretty unprofessional.

I ordered and paid for a server, opened half a dozen emails from them and still had no server. I sent them an email, and four hours later, they respond that they have no more servers in that area, but if I want one three time zones away, or in Europe, they can give me one of those instead. They also told me I could just wait for them to add new servers, which would take at least 24 hours.

Now I get to wait and see how long it takes for them to refund my money.