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Explain how this isn’t advertising…

If you know that advertising isn’t allowed here, why do it? Also, seeing HG servers’ net player count, I seriously doubt that you even need to advertise.

It’s to get others to maybe consider joining like I did a few years back. It has been a great experience and I wish to share it with others. I’ve made many friends in being part of this community as well.

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We have various divisions, some needing players some not needing players. As of now our GMOD division is in need of some active players who want to have some fun

I don’t know if it affects all of their servers, but being in the NoxiousNet Steam Group automatically gets you banned from HellsGamers’ ZS server, which is extremely obnoxious and childish, as well as unfair against ordinary players like me who never did anything and end up feeling rly confused.

My only other experience with HG players is when they came on NN when their own server was down and they started trolling and kept throwing misogynistic slurs towards the only other female player on the server, which left a pretty bad taste in my mouth.

They pulled a stunt like this a while back with a rival community on their CS:S jailbreak server.

Steam Community/Group bans are not for no reason I assure you that. Either they threatened our community in some way or were mass trolling on HG servers.

If you wish to be unbanned you simply have to leave the steam group and post on the unban page, it’s not a difficult process if you actually want to be unbanned

Here’s my ban page on HG

I’m not saying they shouldn’t take action against people who are trolling or acting like cunts, but to generalize and ban every single member of the Steam Group, especially members who join after whatever dumb feud happened between the two is very silly

Like, why should I have to leave a Steam group to play? I don’t get it at all??

Because HG are a terrible group pretty much designed to monetize whatever game they can and rely on player loyalty to keep that rolling.

They’re pretty much as bad as EGO.

That has to be the most childish thing a server could do.

It’s how stuff works in our community. We don’t take BS and when NN members go and raid ZS spamming + trolling, consequences have to follow unfortunately. Obvious the goal isn’t to ban every person or no one would be playing.

Feel free to register and post on that thread for your ban if you wish to be unbanned. Unfortunately I don’t have the power to disapprove/approve bans

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Again I don’t make those sorts of decisions. Feel free to come onto TS and ask Upper Management/Council for the specifications on why the community is mass banned. I have little info on these subjects other than info from other members

I’m glad you guys aren’t allowed to update the gamemode, or profit from it.

Just because we harbor a lot of gamers in our community doesn’t make us better/worse than anyone else. Everything has its ups and downs, and each community has a different experience

In all honesty if a server does that then I don’t think I would really want to play with them in the first place. Big communities aren’t my type.

Thank you for that comment, however it is of little significance for all I care

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Thank you for the feedback, again HG isn’t for every person but I have doubts anyone could dislike it after being involved

NxN were pretty much banned after they joined and abused the stupid mechanics HG set up for the sake of getting money.


I’m not referring to the size of your community, but the idiocy of the management behind it.

Isn’t every community based on money? Money isn’t just used for personal profit I assure you that. We host many events with cash prizes and steam card giveaways etc… not to mention the cost of maintaining and running 61 servers.

The actual reality is no one should be hosting a server unless they know they can pay for it. ‘Donations’ are ideally there to offset the cost of the bill payer, but not to actually profiteer.

$20 here and there is nothing compared to the amount they rake in with selling Admin for $15.

Admin can only be bought on ZS, stronghold, and DarkRP and it’s not like we let them abuse freely. If you check out the abuse reports section on our forums you can see how serious we take admin abuse. PERP is the only gmod server where admin/moderator powers have to be earned. It took me a year and a half to even acquire moderator on PERP

Just as serious as banning an entire community for playing with mechanics your devs chose to implement right?