HG - PvP/Sleepers *WIPED* 12/29 - Server located in Dallas, TX!

Server Name - HeLLsGamers - PvP/Sleepers WIPED 12/29
How to Connect

  1. On main menu, Click “Play Game”
  2. Press F1
  3. Input without quotes “net.connect”

**Server Details: **

Server is hosted in Dallas TX, and is a 200 man PvP Server with Sleepers, a sleeper is when you disconnect from the server your body remains behind. So make sure you Fortify yourself with a house before you “Sleep”. The server will also be wiped on a scheduled basis (TBD) to balance the competition. This will mainly occur after major updates.


-Rules for Players: No Hacking, and of course HG Rules apply as well. (racism Will not be tolerated, and Respect other players)

-Trusted Admins: Admins will not Abuse Spawning. Also If you use God Mode, Do not initiate or shoot back if attacked. also keep in mind toggling God Mode on makes all logged in admins invincible to normal players but not invincible to each other.

-As of now admin is “Trusted Admins” only. as of now there is no way to gain access to admin other than through RCON.

If you need help with Resetting/updating the server Contact the following.

- [HG] SBPro
- HG | Pilpest
- HG | Slophole*
- [HG] KingPolo

*If reset/Update fails, notify.

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread, not two. Read the rules sticky." - postal))

Come join us guys. Updated server. Fully running. Fun environment.

Fun group of people. Active Team speak users, always someone to play with. active admins