Hi Billy Mays here, with Zoey, Mike, and the Fisherman guy!

Are you on the ball, zombies? Get on the ball!

Took me at least about 1-2 hours to finish because posing the fisherman was a bitch, because I intentionally was going to have him hold the rifle with both hands but I gave up and threw cigarettes in. Critique is welcome.

Also, find Odessa, get a informative rating.

Meh, Need’s a little bit more work on face posing and a tad bit of posing, But overall 9/10! I <3 It! GET ON THE BALL!

Too much blood

But still decent

Far to much bllod, posing needs work, espically on Zoey.

I don’t see how I could’ve posed her any better.

Crits and comments have been much appreciated, guys.

Odessa, last picture, upper right corner. :eng101:

lol i thought you are talking about me :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway…some stuff on the floor feel abit empty the rest ye be good

Odessa is on the ladder in the last picture :razz:

Damn kamikaze beat me to it!

Who the hell is Mike

zoey’s alternate personality of course

The maskless metrocop :stuck_out_tongue:
And nice pose, i like it!

i lol’d good job!

Posing and faceposing on Mike seems really off, in the first screenshot he looks Retarded.

Posing on Mike is off, but overall, not too bad.

He’s the CP from the Machinima serise “Civil Protection,” voiced by Ross Scott. Here’s a link:

He also makes Freeman’s Mind.

I even read the title with his voice in my head.

That’s how Billy should die… A KICKASS ZOMBIE HUNTER!!!