Hi everyone I'm completely new to all of this! Hints are appreciated.

One of my viewers was very cool and sent me Rust as a gift. I’m now attempting to stream it on twitch.tv/stickyhamster
If anyone has tips on how to get started or would just like to pop in and say hi, please do!

I’ve been wanting this game for quite awhile and I’m really geeked to play it.


Some guides here: http://www.rustafied.com/rust-experimental-guides/

Hints: make a spear. Kill a bear or wolf easy with a spear - just keep poking it. Then make a base somewhere where no one is around. Finding stone is really important too, early on.

prioritise making a sleeping bag (unless you build near the beach). you will spawn randomly along the beach, or can choose to spawn at one of your sleeping bags, so it will save you wasting time trying to find your build again:)

oh, and most people will shank you for your rock, so watch out for people coming too close. especially if they are shouting “friendly, friendly”

This is almosttactfuls faq: http://www.uswest.info/faq.html

2 ways to start.

1.Farm barrels,when you have enough stuff you can move on to 2. and even skip some steps.

First thing is to farm 300 wood and make a spear.
then farm 100 wood and make paper
farm another 100 wood and make a campfire and then make a building plan from the paper
farm another 200 wood and look for stone
farm around 200 stone and make a stone hatchet

Look for animals like pigs or chickens for easy kills,harvest the animal with the stone hatchet once you have killed it with the spear.
Make a campfire and cook the meat,split the meat in 2 stacks and put both in the camp fire (check back every now and again to make sure it doesn’t burn)

Eat the cooked meat until your health is at around 80% or so.
Use the cloth to make 2 bandages and put them in your tool bar
Use the remaining cloth and stone to turn your wooden spear into a stone spear
Farm more animals (you will have to keep chasing deer, until they get tired ignore horses until you have a bow)

Make a bow and some arrows,you can now hunt horses and other players.
Aim for the eyes of wolves,deers and pigs for one shot kills.
Horses need 2x bow shots if the first shot hites its eye,bears need 2-3 as well depending on where they are hit.

If hunting players,try and do a sneak attack and hit them in the head from the safety of a bush or high ground,don’t get too close or they will hear you.

Base building is fairly straight forward,find a tall rock where you can’t get to normally.build a foundation next to the rock,stand on the foundation and then build a block on it and jump,keep building blocks and jumping until you get to the top.build a foundation on the rock,upgrade it to wood or stone and place a cupboard on it,authorize yourself and then continue building.

The rest of the tricks you should be able to learn on the forum like raiding or using your resources wisely.Depending on server,you can sometimes stand still when being approached by a group of players to show that you aren’t hostile,the will either wound you to check for guns or they will kill you outright.You can also create relationships with some players like giving resources to people that are building near you.They might not help you defend your base but at least they won’t raid you,at the best you could probably join them.