Hi everyone, I'm new.

Hey guys. I’m new here, and I just downloaded Rust. I haven’t played yet because it’s still downloading but I heard it’s hella hard to survive the first few days. Any tips or suggestions? This game looks really fun and I look forward to enjoying it!

Stay away from other people as you first start off, unless if you are guaranteed sure they are friendly and wont kill you on sight.

Also if you dont have a supercomputer, you may want to tweak Rust so you can have as much FPS as possible, this thread helps: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1320454

Be patient. You might feel lost on the beginning and you might feel like the map is huge and you won’t ever find yourself on the map.

As I said, be patient. Within a week or two you will be able to know where you are. Also, try to play together with friends, it’s much more fun. Hit F1 and suicide until you spawn close to your friend.

Have fun, man.

It takes a bit longer to get enough supplies for, but make a “house” consisting of a foundation, 4 wooden pillars, 3 wood walls, a wooden doorway with a metal door and a wooden ceiling rather than a Shelter. The Shelter is NOT meant for long term housing and can be destroyed quite easily by other players. A Shelter is OK though if you just want a quick place to wait out the night.

If you are playing on a normal/PvP server, DO NOT ANNOUNCE THAT YOU ARE FRIENDLY. Stating that you are friendly is actually the quickest way to get killed by other people. Its a combination of being seen as weakness and the fact that people have been stabbed in the back, so to speak, by people claiming to be friendly.

On a similar note, don’t complain how you can’t find food/are starving/need a weapon. Above and beyond the fact that a majority of the time people will not be able to find you to help you, but most people look down on such acts and seem them as “begging”.

Find the road, and get into a field close to it, that is where all the resources appear. Kill a couple of pigs to get 15 cloth and some food, make a fire and a sleeping bag. Get enough wood for a shelter, door and storage box and then place it somewhere in the rocks, hidden out the way, place your sleeping bag in it. Do not attract attention to yourself, ensure you don’t get followed back and collect enough to make a furnace and workbench. Gather some metal ore, smelt enough for 200 metal fragments and make a metal door and a 1x1 hut with I think it is 300 wood (again build this out of site). Once you have that set up, try to make friends, see if people will let you research explosives and explosive charge, they may want you to give them resources as a trade. Make yourself a bow and arrows, go out killing red animals, probably the fastest way to get gunpowder. Craft a C4, find a 1x1 that you know someone is living in and find a wall with nothing on the other side (if all walls are lined, you will need two as storage boxes take some of the damage. Steal all their stuff and try not to get killed.

Welcome to Rust.

Trust no one.

Join a small community server of 5-15 people. Get the hang of the game, build a house, craft some guns. Once you get the hang of the game, you can join a larger population server but never join the official servers, because they are full of hackers.

Try this server: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/neverrust

It has a friendly, helpful playerbase, and it’s where I’ve spent over 40 hours enjoying the game and making friends.

Thanks guys! Jeez this game is pretty damn hard. I’ve died three times already in less than 10 minutes.

Don’t feel too bad about it. When you’re new, especially on high population servers, there’s a good chance you will die, die, and die again. Despite what people say, it’s not so much survival, but more of an open-world FPS with survival elements. Don’t be afraid to die once you have a decent little base setup. The beginning is more about progress and getting research, then building up later. Having friends is especially helpful; solo can be extremely difficult.

Don’t get discouraged and keep going!

You have to treat every time you log in as a fresh start, that way when you come on and you have been raided and lost all your stuff, you were already expecting it. It will happen a lot until you get comfortable with the game and base building/defending.

If none of your real life friends play, try and make friends in game, just be cautious, not everyone is as nice as you’d think.

Keep playing mate, don’t give up because of these early death’s (like 3 of my RL friends did after i bought them the game each:suicide:) Once you get past the dare I say learning curve this game is awesome