Hi Garry, clan emblems?

Been running a server with some friends for some 6 months now, and one of the issues I constantly see is that players don’t feel that their choice of clothes (their ‘kit’) is unique enough from everyone else. They wear a mix-match of clothing to be unique from everyone else, but it always happens that some other crew has their setup, or it’s too similar, and they’re forced to wear something else.

How about clan emblems? I’m sure the idea has been tossed around already, and it’s already implemented in many other games.

Allow players to buy an emblem t-shirt from the rust store which would let players select from a variety of unique emblems that when chosen, would be locked out for use by anyone else. Clans could only use and claim one emblem at a time. Crafting shirts would give the option to put the emblem on it. If the shirt was looted by someone outside the Clan, then the emblem would change to theirs if available, or disappear.

The GUI would have said emblems that haven’t been chosen already, and a list of players to select from and authorize to use the emblem. When an emblem is selected by a player, it becomes inaccessible to anyone else unless authorized.

You could add requirements to obtain an emblem such as having a specific amount of players agree to use it. This would stop single players from taking all of the emblems off the server. Or you could additionally implement clans without the requirement of a plugin, and go about it that way.

People should be able to steal your cloths, make your signs and look like you to trick you.

That is the whole reason why names don’t appear until you get close.

Now, I can recognize people I know in real life from decently far away. They could let names show up from further out.

signs put you to world draw your sign and have fun