Hi guys I just found out about this game.

Hey everybody i’m Tereith, just wanted to say hey.

So what is this, some sort of Survival/Zombie game?.
How come i never heard of this game?. Looks like fun though. Watched some videos by Psisyndicate.
At first i thought it was a mod for HL2. So, how do we actually get keys for the game or how do i sign up for the beta?
How long have this game been in alpha?
and so on.

-Sincerely- Tereith

Because it’s WIP.

Alpha is closed right now iirc, Garry isn’t handing out more keys

Oh ok i’ll guess i gotta wait then. Any idea of beta release or open alpha?/beta?.
Gotta love the feature base building.! Or just any idea of when the next wave of keys are given out?

We want more keys,cuz we want play this awesome game.better than warz :smiley:

Anything is better than War Z.

Anybody agrees with me garry should disable FP registration again?

1000% agree.

Yep, I agree. The waves of brainless morons that can’t read or listen carefully to what people say just astound me (all those people buying gold, oh god that was amazing)
In short: why the hell are you people making threads acting like ‘hey guys I’m new to this game and I don’t know what google or a wiki is :)))), ok guys enough chit-chat GIB ME A BETA KEY!!!1!11!’
If anything, it insults me. At least TRY to look smart by looking up the game and reading about it before making a post about it. It will probably give you a bigger chance of actually playing the game you so passionately want to play.

If you actually really don’t know anything about this game and you’re being honest:
Look up the game at the wiki. It’s in early alpha. Don’t be like 75% of the guys who were lucky enough to get access to the game - don’t give up on it just because someone hacked you or KoSed you with a hatchet. It’s an early alpha test and no way finished.
A lot of people are friendly in the game and a lot more in the forums if you know how to ask nicely for help (try not to sound ignorant, annoying or a nuisance in general).
There are no set dates for betas/updates/alphas. There is no large dev group working on the game - they send out updates as content is finished.

I don’t get what the big deal is. You guys are just being egotistical. They like the product, so why should Garry stop himself from getting some attention?

With that being said, Facepunch is egotistical and that’s not going to change. I think it’s a bad thing, the way you guys act toward new members (Especially ones showing genuine interest in the product), but nobody can do anything about it. The only solution is to introduce a separate forum for Rust.

As far as my reading on the OP goes (and everybody goddamn else in this forum), this guy wants to get a key. If someone is really interested in game, they would look it up on google as it takes a few mere seconds instead of posting in a forum where people have to reply and write walls of text to explain something they can easily access on youtube videos and wiki pages.
I like new members since they are like a new generation - stupid comparison, I know. But they have a new voice and they’re unaffected by the egotistical actions of our older members.
But people who just don’t care about Facepunch and are here just to play the game and try to get access to it are the ones that piss me off royally.

I’m sorry for the derail, but I hope the new guys reading this understand what I mean.

have you not seen the kinds of posts people have been making? there are a few chill ones, but the others are like “beta key pls :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD” x1000. it’s fucking rediculous, and it’s like none of them can be bothered to read anything garry has said or anything we’ve been telling them. they just keep spamming, asking for a key.

We should have an instaban system again which would ban if there’s ‘give’ and ‘key’ in the same post.

Most of the new users are just signing up to beg for a key.

Am I egoistical because they don’t give a crap about the community but care about a key?

I heard that Otto, geogzm and a bunch of others had a base, shame they can’t give each other a key to the other’s doors so they can all open the doors

I foresee problems with your proposed system.

I think he was joking or not being completely serious. I think what he means in general is that we have to find a way to stop the idiots from being idiots (this is where the problems come in)

I could’ve sworn there was a system back in the yesteryear of Facepunch, back with smartness where you had to have at least a few good posts before you could make a thread, even the smartness system would be good enough, since most of these people are using Google Translate to spam the threads, plus their over-use of smileys will get them insta-banned as well.

There was something similar, but it was removed because a post or so would actually type the bannable phrase (I think that’s what you’re talking about) and have a correct, non-offensive and non-bannable intention to it so the only solution was to remove the system.
I would just prefer flashing seizure lights in the register menu saying ‘READ THE FUCKING RUST WIKI AND THE REST OF THE FORUM OR I WILL STRANGLE YOU
Too much? Yeah…

Yeah, I was kinda joking because I could see the problems with the method as well, but I like the idea of bringing back smartness, it’d clean up the forums pretty well.

If anything, not enough. They need to actually read the wiki before asking shit like “how do i craft gun”.

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In all honesty it probably wouldn’t affect most of the other sub-forums, since the users were what replaced the smartness system by bringing down justice upon those who mis-spelled shit in the form of boxes and hastily created insults, but it would be good for weeding out the little shits who joined because of Rust, it sure as hell educated me when I first joined.