Hi guys!, I need help with a point shop

Hi, I need a pointshop with hats, models, trails.
I want some custom models.
And like if you are new with no money or anything its like a default model you start with and you gain money and buy more new cool stuff
kinda like the Sassilization servers

please help :c


-Highly Appreciated
-Thanks in advance!

Ok, I’ll steal all of GMT/Sass’s models and sell them to you for 300 dollars each and then have you mum complaining at me because you stole your mummies credit card.

What does this even have to do with Lua?

Maybe because he wants some help to make a point shop and well since gmod uses Lua for majority of addons maybe thats why he requested for a Lua script of a point shop. Why did you need to shit on this thread?

Why can’t you just take a pointshop mod and do it yourself.
It is really easy.