Hi guys I need Some Help Whit Valve

Hi Guys

I got some Trouble whit Gmod and other games whit the Source Engine.

Which? Well the problem is if i play a bit like 30 mins, then my pc Freezes.

And this Complete!

My Componets/Hardware is good and runs also fine


GPU:Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 1Gb
CPU:Intel Quadcore Extreme 3,2Ghz
2048 MB Corsair (PC3-8500F)
2048 MB Corsair (PC3-8500F)
Size: 4096 MB
Typ: DDR3-SDRAM Dual Channel
Timing: 9.0-10-10-27
RAM-Takt: 533.4 MHz
Ratio: 5:8

So please i need some help.


Try restarting your computer.
Try updating your drivers
Try rolling back your drivers if updating them didn’t help
Try updating Windows
Try reinstalling the valve games

And also, it’s “With,” not “Whit.”

I allrdy done all that trys.

I also did re-install my PC for few days and well im out of my english