Hi guys, new here! just some Ideas :)

Hi! i absolutely love this game. i never thought i’d like these type of games since i was always into Rpg’s and leveling but i love it! I just had a quick idea…
So i love how fun it is to start off naked n stuff and i like farming wood to build a little hut… but… Then you get 3-4 people run up to your shack and start breaking it down with their Rock…?
I believe we should feel more of a sense of safety within the little wooden shacks we can make. I don’t think it is fair for the Starting Item to be able to break down your Shelter. Maybe make it to where the ROCK cannot destroy wooden shacks, but anything above it can? i.e. Stone Hatchet, Pickaxe.
That would make it so you can feel safe from the 20-30 naked people running around and instead of farming and creating their own base, they are raiding wooden shelters in thoughts of massive loot inside… -_- when all i have is a sleeping bag

Give me honest feedback, ty!

Rust isn’t about making you safe.

Rust is about challenging you and giving you the tools to deal with it. The game is still in alpha, so many of the intended tools are not working or missing entirely as of yet. This will change in the future.

You are obviously new but give it a week, maybe two. You will lose all you ever had in this game a few times and it will suck at first and maybe that’s when you’ll quit. If you stay, you will be more adapted and ready and won’t see loss and lack of security as a flaw or a problem with the game but you’ll see it as an opportunity for a creative solutions. RUST is all about strategic gameplay and learning from your mistakes. Good luck!

Welcome to the madhouse.

Yea mad house it is, or rather, mad island.

Don’t worry, shit happens. My first day got raided at least twice, that, was in PvE server.
My first day in PvP server, naked man with rock chasing naked man with rock… got whacked 99 times while I was just naked (ok that’s exaggerating but you get the idea). Well hidden poor shed got raided shortly after setup (probably a bad idea to leave the furnace burning…), now the server is down I’m not sure what happens to my second poor shed…

Yes, the game is about danger everywhere, that is what makes the game addicting despite this is only early alpha (and better than other games).