Hi I need help concerning a Game Ban

Hi I’m sure you probably get a million of these but figured I would try anyways. So I got “Game Banned” when i logged into Rust’s Facepunch New York 2 server at around 12:30 -1:00 Pm est on 4/15/2016 and I was very confused as to what I could have done to have been banned, so I directly accused my brother because I have linked my account with his Via Steam family share and wasn’t sure if he was cheating and if that would have resulted in a ban for both of us. After my little brother swore that he didn’t hack/cheat and i had checked his pc for any time of software I was very confused when i found nothing. It wasn’t until later that I realized I have a mouse from IBuyPower and it has a middle toggle switch that I use as an auto clicker button for easy farming in Minecraft and realized it worked in a game called 7 days to die as well and had been running in the background the whole time. I am not sure if something like that could get me banned or if the amount of reports people throw around is enough, I doubt it was an error on Facepunch/EAC’s behalf but I was wondering if I could just get the exact reason why I was banned, and if it was in fact a false positive it could maybe be over turned?

P.S if having an auto clicker is against the rules and that is why i got banned is there anyway I could just get the GAME BAN Claim removed from my steam profile I have worked very hard to keep a good clean account and I really don’t want it ruined over something like this. Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

This is a picture of the same mouse I have.

Why do you have to “work” at keeping a clean account… Just cant help the urges?

EAC has already stated that they don’t ban autoclickers. Those don’t inject into game memory. Post your Steam64 ID and they’ll tell you if it was legit or a bug.

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Okay, Will do. Thank you for this suggestion

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by “I have worked very hard to keep a good clean account” I mean that I have avoided causing any type of issue with any admins on any servers I have played on in any game, and have tried to obtain as many badges/achievements as i could for my steam account.

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