Hi i need help these people aka admins are ya know abusing admin abilities help!

hi im on a server and also note requesting back on adding garry as a friend on steam but not the point theres this server were im getting admin abused even though I only rdmed a couple times so please help garry in proving them wrong and teach them a lesson if you do im very grateful to be your friends


There are no official Garry’s Mod servers.
No one here can help you

I’ll tell Garry to get right on it

ya i know right i feel ya ya’kno really gangsta straight up RDMa adminabusa

No really what the fuck, you’re expecting admins not to do their job after you RDM?

you should probably try re-installing windows, it usually gets rid of abusers

And you should delete System 32. It generally removes assholes from the internet :slight_smile:

Vinh’ll fix it

LOL who’s this “garry” guy? All I know is Garry. :v:

Then you don’t the creator of this forum site since he uses “garry” everywhere:


he was making fun of the capitalization, even tho he’s rong

Let’s be honest, fucking with little kids and Rdmers is an admin’s favorite pastime. Combine those too and you get a whole new level of entertainment.

Hack the server, then in chat type !rcon banid 0 YOURSTEAMID
The 0 makes it so you can’t be banned ever from the server and then you can ban the owner and admins! Then fuck the server up (with ulx of course)

Edit: this is my 69th post, fuck you all.

sigh It’s gotten to the point where trolls here on facepunch are shit at trolling to an extent where it makes stupidly little sense.

I am done, I’ll see you all in a little while.

Then you clearly deserve it bro. People like these are the cancer that keeps the good people outta GMods environment.

Give me the admins steam ids. I want to tell them they did good work

You can’t be serious, you are top troll #1. Just look at code_gs’s Facepunch profile ffs.

He didn’t even give us the IP :L

Exactly, I am the top troll.

These pathetic attempts ruin my good image.

“Good image” hahhahahahha hahahahhahahah :v:

I’m sorry I can’t help but what I can do is if the owner is on and does care contact him and he should be able to help. That is all I can give you.