Hi I want to become a beta tester

While, I was watching YouTube I watched this video [Garry’s Mod 2 on Source 2 - S&box I have played Garry’s mod but this game seemed very interesting the fact that you make it easy for developers to make content. Why I want to be a beta tester: after me constantly pinging Grodbert for help I then decided to help a discord user. It made me so happy to see him appreciate my help but then he asked Grodbert for help thats when I decided I wanted to become a developer because its just something I didn’t want to ask for help. I wanted to be on my own so I can be on there level and have discussions that I understand and cooperate with people on projects.What would I like to do become a stress tester and import assets. But Grodbert you helped my desire to become a developer or if not a content creator.
Garry’s Mod 2 on Source 2 - S&box Everything Known - YouTube


@Grodbert ftw :triumph::muscle::muscle:


Grodbert out here being the real MVP


Aw shucks :flushed: , if it motivates you even further S&box is much more accessible than Gmod is, since it’s much more modern and user friendly.

If we do the job right, S&box won’t end up like Gmod, and everyone, if motivated, can easily become a contributing modder, I hope everyone’s on the same page for this, less goooo haha, guides and documentation is the name of the game.


Hi GrodBert We all (me) Love you :kissing_cat:


What if we are all just mark’s clones

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