Hi,i want to become beta-tester of S&Box

Hi,i GUI developer in GMod, i know Lua and C#. I done GTA 5 Dark RP HUD (based on paris hud). This HUD is unique and no one has done it before me. I making GTA Online GUI on some server. Now i making GTA Online Menu (code of menu is rewriting now because i dont have some tools). On screen below you can see my works.

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Лицензия есть/Вас разыскивают - You Have license/you are wanted.
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23:00 Февраля 2021 - 23:00 February 2021

I made the same exact GUI like 5 years ago, it’s neither unique not the first of its kind.


Doesn’t look unique to me, I’d even go as far as to say that you copied this from me!


There is an asana application link instead of the forums

You’re an imposter !

dont use that “signup” link they got rid of actual sign ups, thats just a job application, rather than early access signup they are just gonna give keys to those who they think are worth it, devs, so like coders, modelers, mappers and just normal play testers, so just keep showing off what you can do

just show what you can do and be active in the community too, they dont think they just want people who are good or have the ability to make the most amazing thing in the world, but people who are decent but will stick around doing stuff and making content rather than getting a key and doing nothing. better to have a kingdom of average workers who will stick around for a long time and do alot than a small group of amazing workers who will be there for a tiny bit but move away to do other stuff and not work anymore.
i actually happen to know a red nosed guy like that, but uhhh, yeah…


nice so I have a chance. I will try to make something that will prove me worthy of a key in the summer

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Keys are probably going to be a thing of the past when summer rolls around.


bummer then, I have too many uni classes not enough c# skills yet to do something now for s&box. Anyway I can probably just wait until release which should be this year anyway.

I don’t think learning a specific language is the most important part. I’m in my fourth year of Comp Sci in Uni and I’ve had to work with a dozen or so languages, c# being one of them. I can’t say I know it as well as some other more common ones in my degree but the nice thing about programming is that it’s generally easy to transfer between languages. Having done a lot of Java in my courses, I find working with c# fairly straight forward. I expect you’ll be spending more time learning the API and how S&Box works rather than diving too deep into language specifics that are generally easy to look up as you go. If you’ve done a fair amount of coding in the past and have worked with OOP then you should have no problem working on it in your free time and just googling the few specifics you need. Personally, my main concern is if the keys are given out primarily to gmod devs. I got confident in my software development skills quite a while after gmod’s release and with the quirkiness of lua (counting from 1 for example just crushes me) I held off on doing too much with it. Admittedly I also told myself the game wasn’t as popular or worth developing for, but the steam statistics would beg to differ.

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