Hi im new here

hi im new here

and i make bad scenes

please give me some feedback

You can zoom in by holding right click

thanks for feedback…?

Well yeah, the angles aren’t very good at all, the bottom pic has the better FOV

is there any way to save camera angle?
i lose concentration very easily so i get off gmod so much i really need to know how to do it

Use the enhanced camera tool

that’s a horrible thread title, spambots have those all the time

He’s new to fp, I have him added on steam he’s not a spambot.

you’re off to a great start from what i can see, the only major “early” problem in the first two shots is that you haven’t zoomed in enough so the scene appears stretched/squished (as well as a bit shoddy composition in the very first one)

the third one would look better if the dust effect didn’t cover the entirety of the scene, but composition-wise it looks a lot better than the first one already. i also see you’ve used lamps - if you want to get sharper shadows, look here: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1112981

-snip- Joazz said it better

Oh and don’t call yourself bad, that gets you nowhere. H

thanks for feedback!
i already seen that thread before like years ago but still thanks for the great feedbacks!

I actually like the high fov on the two last ones

im glad you like it

the last one lookes the coolest, try out different methods of lighting.

and do you know any other methods?

Have a look at 3 and 4 point lighting. Most of the principles of photography apply to gmod poses.

Umm, im not very smart with this either. I just apply real world methods of lighting, as in try to have multiple light sources highlighting different parts of the subject. Like one from behind, front, left or right. But each light can either be minorly different or the same. It makes everything look neater

i already read the guide about 4 point lighting by ninja nub
but still thanks!

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thanks for method!