Hi, I'm Tali'Zorah and welcome to jackass!


Pretty Pretty Pretty

suit is cut by glass, dies of infection before she hits the ground

Dude, that’s a fucking skin-tight latex suit, nothing can penetrate it.

ok then she dies because of how shitty the Quarians are lmao

not fond of the yellow lighting on Tali but it’s coo’

Hi, I’m Mutle and this is fucking awesome.

Hi, I’m usaokay and this is a post that details about the internet user, ProtectronMK3’s, Garry’s Mod creation of a video game character jumping out of a window. The picture was possibly edited with either Photoshop or GIMP and has taken a couple hours to complete. ProtectronMK3 has posted his work on his DeviantArt page, as in either a hope to gain more views on that specific page or he doesn’t know how to use BB code on an image. This is the final sentence that completes this paragraph and post.

Except Shepard.