Hi. Im VenomExtreme

Hey guys, first of all i want apologize for my english, because im from Brazil :slight_smile:

Some guys know me from Youtube, im a famous youtube player! In my channel i played alot of minecraft and now i want test this game ‘Rust’ becase have more survival/pvp than minecraft.
My Channel:
My facebook: [URL=“https://www.facebook.com/VenomExtreme?fref=ts”]https://www.facebook.com/VenomExtreme?fref=ts

My personal facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eduardo.faria.9212

So im requesting a beta key for ‘Rust’ because i want make some videos playing Rust for i upload in my channel.

Sorry for my english and thanks for who read this!

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I believe sacriel tried and failed.

There are no more keys available for Youtubers/streamers.

Hi i iz burd i ned key fur my utub chenl i has 24 soobs and i need key becus i has othr survevle gayms
pls exuse me fur bed engrish.

Im from Brazil but in this moment im in Portugal!

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wow guys im sorry, didnt see this post. my bad !

If you have more than 100 subscribers then contact Craptasket about getting a key.

“There are no more keys available for Youtubers/streamers.
Atleast take effort to read other posts.

he has like 2 million subscribers

good job posting your personal facebook

just a proof :slight_smile:

You’ll get it. Dont worry!
Ill get it too hopefully.

That’s not proof. Example:

Hi guys! I’m Robbaz! Don’t believe me? Here’s my facebook!

Guys, just go to his Facebook and copy the name and put it into Youtube. He has: 1,915,579 subscribers.

wow flaming

also if i say i’m vin diesel does that make me vin diesel???

Anyone can copy someone elses facebook page and channel and claim it as his own.

dont need flame please, but thanks same way :slight_smile: