hi, need clients to upload files to my server how do?

sup, I’m clueless at LUA so I’m going to need some help! i am writing a c++ program that takes 3 photo’s of your face and put’s it on a rebel model of your pick, and outputs a custom .mdl!

I will probably have it finished in a month or two, maybe less if you help me!

I don’t know lua well so I can’t really put this in more technical terms but I can try. I want to make a menu to start when a player joins the server with two options; a button that redirects to the site I’m hosting the executable on and an input table that players use to upload their custom .mdl into the servers playermodel list.

this working on sandbox is preferred, but making a another gamemode is fine and doable.

so in summary if you help me with my custom face project you will get credit and I will <3 you.

Your going to get a lot of people taking pictures of their dicks to use on their chacaters… Cheers. :3:

Hmm. Also, you would need a derma menu that would redirect them to a site…?

Umm… I’m going to have to say that this is not a novice project and you should consider learning more about the Source engine before you try this…

A derma menu with normal text that says “hey to use the custom face feature download and use my program at www.fileplanet.com/whatever/”.

@ the penises. lol yeah that’s gonna be a bannable offense. but if nerds really need random people to play with a game with their dick and balls to live at least I contributed to it. :rollseyes:

Why don’t you just ask users to upload a picture of themselves and your server turns it into a .mdl?

because i’m already halfway done with the program and I don’t want idiots that can’t copy/paste a URL in my servers.

hey what about sprays? that’s exactly the type of service I need. i’ll lurk more and find out what I can about them tomorrow.

Uploading .mdl files per player seems inefficient. Your best bet would be to create an .mdl file with skin families for however many ‘faces’ people will be uploading. I’m not sure if there is a limit for the amount of skinfamilies you can use, but if the limit is reached, just create a second .mdl file with another set of skinfamilies and so on.

You can request files from clients via sourcenet, I’m not sure how you would go about generating the mdl though.

^ thanks that’s all I need. i will cya next with a polished product (hopefully) next month.