Hi-Res Bug-Bait

I’d like a high-resolution version of the bug-bait world model.


If someone could make the world model more like the view model, that would be great. It’s for my latest project. Credit will be given of course. :biggrin:

omg yes, I would love this too! :slight_smile:

I think you may be able to do this by hacking the view model and doing some copy/pasting. It may not totally reconstruct it, but it would get the bulk of it made.

I’m working on a new high quality model. I’ll release the model and leave the hacking to you.

What do you mean by hacking?

What do YOU mean by hacking?

Like head-hacking. Chopping the bug-bait part off and reconstructing it.

One day ago I spawned the bug-bait world model and was dissapointed that it looked that way it does.

Hope this gets released when it has been done.

I’ve only seen hi-res v_model skins of the bugbait weapon and none for the world model. I too, support this in being done.

As a note, whenever you use models/weapons/w_bugbait.mdl as the world model for a weapon, it doesn’t show up. Could someone fix that in this model too?

Like this? There is skin for the W one

The W model wasn’t even the right shape to begin with, and it’s very low poly.

Is anyone doing this?

Didja google it.

or look on fpsbanana.

I searched. Nothing. Just reskins, and those are useless since the model wasn’t in the right shape to begin with.