Hi-rez Iron Man Rigged model/ragdoll/player model/npc

I was wondering if anyone has a high-resolution-ed iron man models, most of what I found where like 128 x 128’s along being low poly. I was planning on making a hi-rez version if no one has done it, but I wanted to make sure there wasn’t already one. I’ve seen all the ones on gmod.org and the adv dup’s on steam workshop.

I found this on the SFMbox website earlier today actually

I think it was ported from the phone game, not sure of that - but it is pretty high poly from what I saw, haven’t got the chance to try it out in SFM yet.

It’ll work for Garry’s Mod aswell


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The one in code_gs link is more optimized for GMOD, I’d recommend that if you’re not going to use it in SFM. Looks like the same model

thanks so much guys