Hi / sound-emit & receive range

hey im new to facepunch and want to say hello at first :smiley:


Here my request:

my problem is when im sitting an a pod and/or control a cam with camcontroller (wiremod)
i cant hear any sound whem im too far away from my players position (2500 units)

i came here because the wiremod team said its nothing they could ‘fix’
(wiremod.com thread)

so could someone who is appropriate to this find a solution it would really help
this is very annoying if i want to hear the sounds when im in a pod to hear where somethning comes from

so i thought some solutions could be:
-beeing able to set the players sound receiving location via lua (i mean ist possible to set the players view)
-having a convar to increase the range

if its verbalized unclear or you dont understand parts then aks me to reverbalize it. (im not native english and running a translator simultaneously)


Apparently its using Entity.SetViewEntity so it would be nice if that gets “fixed”.