Hi there!


I’m new and I would like to introduce myself. I’m a 26 year old bloke from the Netherlands, Medical student. Casual player of Minecraft(more or less survival) and other genres of games. As I am interested in survival games in general, but don’t really play them, I stumbled upon this beauty. Rust really got me interested and as far as I can tell, this forum looks a relaxed enough place to remain up-to-date on the development of this game.

I hope there is a way I can contribute to the good atmosphere on the forum. When the game goes gold, it’ll probably be an instant buy, from what I’ve read and seen on Youtube so far.

Oh and thanks for the laughs while I was going through some of the topics on the forum, almost pissed my pants a few times!



(User was banned for this post ("don't make introduction threads" - postal))

Probably not the safest place to post an introduction, but I welcome you.
You’ll meet a lot of angry gamer kids, maybe even get a chance to make friends with some of them.
Just be careful. FP is violent.

Oh my god… Why the hell are you people posting introductions in a forum about the game? Do you guys even know how a forum works?

They could introduce themself on the server insted tbh